Visiting Corfu Alone

How To Visit Corfu As A Single Female Travelling

Perhaps you feel experiencing island life is only meant for lovebirds and you fear the possibility of feeling lonely on an island full of couples. Another concern you may have is that an island could not propose much diversity. When I started travelling alone I had all those prejudices too – it is normal. But I made up my mind and said to myself “I want to visit Corfu on my own, as a strong and adventurous woman. I will make friends on the way and find out more about Greek lifestyle”

Once you mentally get past “being alone” you really can let yourself enjoy that you are on your own! My days really ended up being exactly the way I wished them to be! If you still lack confidence or need an extra nudge, read my 5 Must Read Reasons Why You Should Try Traveling Alone

Finding Transportation to Corfu Old Town

It’s important when visiting the Greek Islands Alone to be prepared. Upon arriving at this tiny Greek airport, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Buses to Old Town Corfu are not too frequent
  • The taxi ride is only 7 minutes, and should only cost 8 euro * they will try and charge you 15 euro
  • You can just walk there in 25 minutes

I was told by my Airbnb host that the taxi should be 7-8 euro. So I was quite surprised to be asked for 15 euro at the end of my 7-minute taxi ride. The lovely Greek atmosphere did not let me pick up a fight over the fare difference.

A Single Woman Traveling TIP: Confirm the cost before you get in the car.

Top Places to Eat When Traveling Alone in Corfu!

When traveling alone, finding the best restaurants is my top priority. One of the reasons I started this blog was for my ability to sniff out the good bistro spots. Not the ones that break the bank, but the trendy and reasonably priced. Since I refuse to eat at the so-so tourist traps that are often expensive and not impressive, here is my list of hidden restaurant gems in Corfu:

Solo Friendly Breakfast Spots:

  • Bistro Gabao is where I started each morning. This little cafe that serves full egg breakfast, is located in a hideaway alley. It is right in the center of the Old Town and not to be overlooked!
  • Puppet Cafe has a lovely ambiance and coffee drinks. Puppet is also a guest house available for room bookings.
  • Josephine Cafe just swanky and modern, they serve everything you could be looking for.
  • Cafe Tierra has the most amazing coffee. I’d say awarding winning, and I am not the only one with this high appraisal.

Memorable Finds for Lunch & Dinner:

  • Pane E Psarki is a charming little restaurant to eat alone, which is located at the very entrance to the old town Corfu. Delish and fresh fish dishes, with a few vegan options, like the one pictured. I can highly recommend enjoying a refreshing Aperol Spritz along with your meal is recommended to lighten up.
  • Sway is another great choice for lunch. It is located in the main square and is really close to Pane E Psarki. Sway is a stylish place with great food and friendly staff.
  • Nolita was my favorite dining experience in Corfu. I actually ate there 3 out of 4 nights of my trip. Every meal I enjoyed there was cooked and garnished with perfection.
  • Oi Oraies Benitses is highly reviewed and has great vegan food!
  • Aubergine Cafe is another choice for healthy vegetarians and vegan food lovers!

Where to Stay When Traveling Alone Corfu?

Cruising online for the right accommodation in Corfu could be a very time-consuming and energy-draining activity. Personally I chose to stay in an Airbnb, located in the old town’s heart. Choosing an Airbnb in such places let you both save money and get to know locals, their traditions and culture.

The vast majority of nice hotels are approx. 3 miles outside of the old town. If you are traveling with others or plan to rent a car, then you should check those out.

Depending on the type of female solo traveller you are, staying at the outskirts of Corfu could either make you relax or make you feel a little isolated.

I urge you to look into Airbnb for your accommodations when traveling alone. It can be the best way to save money and stay as central as possible.

Best Day Activity Ideas: Single Woman Exploring!

Everyone has a different travel style. Personally I prefer solo travelling because I feel free, light-hearted and love a little challenge and adventure. I’m definitely a stroll around town and take pictures kind of traveler. I am not a huge fan of shopping either. If shopping is your thing, the old town in Corfu has a variety of shops to put your wallet to work.

I didn’t find that many name brand stores, which isn’t a bad thing, just saying. Overall, I wouldn’t call it a “shopping city”. Just little shops selling a variety of Greek goods.

At The Old Venetian Fortress By Yourself

The name says it all. It’s an antique fortress that sits on its own little island located at the base of the old town. I spent an hour or so walking around, staring into the glorious sea, and taking pictures. There are no bad angles when taking pictures at the fortress. If you are hungry, it won’t last for long, as there is a restaurant laying nearby on site. For you, history buff’s for details on this fortress can be found Here

If you are looking for a place of worship, there is a beautiful church here as well. The other main attraction would be to climb up to the viewpoint. The climb is not all that intense, just a few steps. The sun is fierce, so I suggest you put on some sunscreen. Don’t count too much on finding shade on the island, as it is scarce.

Solo Serenity Beach Day

A great way to spend a day solo is with a book at the beach! With water so crystal blue you will want to take a sip, I dare you not to spend all your time at the beach!

You are surrounded by choices to get in the water. Even along the roadways, you will see accessible stairways that take you into the blue. The people of Corfu definitely enjoy a swim, and I promise you will too!

You can find many restaurants seaside that allows you to just pull up a lounge chair and relax. Yes, you will need to buy something… but hey, why not order a cocktail?!

More Ideas When Visiting the Greek Islands By Yourself:

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