The Best Questions About Solo Female Travel

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So you are planning on traveling solo? What are the best questions about solo female travel? I highly recommend you do your research! Be prepared for inquiries from friends, family, and most certainly yourself…

Answers to The Best FAQ on Solo Female Travel…

Is Solo Female Travel Safe?

Always first, always of top importance. The answer is yes, it can be perfectly safe! When I travel alone, I am much more vigilant that if with somebody else. I pay extra attention to my surroundings and keep my eyes open at all times. If you are not observant by nature, you will surely develop this skill as well, among others

It may never happen, but if you do feel little out of place and lost, I suggest asking a fellow female for help. If in a country where the local language is not English, go to a hotel reception desk. It is very likely someone there would be able to help if you needed it.

Because safety is so important when traveling solo, I created a FREE 7 Tip Safety guide below. I was sure to include helpful apps and sites that every solo traveler should have!

A Single Woman Traveling Tip:

When traveling alone it is smart to have a written list of the city’s emergency phone numbers, and the address of your accommodations. I would also suggest having your family and friends’ numbers written down in a discoverable place.

Another big fear is getting lost, which can be alleviated by purchasing the travel phone plan and using Google Maps Offline. Having the freedom to use your phone is one of the best things to have at hand as a solo traveler! Just the mere fact that you could reach anyone will ease the stress – go out and absorb what the country has to offer.

Is Solo Travel Expensive?

At times solo traveling is overlooked because women think it is expensive. But there is always a workaround. Although it is nice to split the taxi’s cost, hotel fee and meals with a travel companion, traveling on your own could be very affordable if you get the right advice. A few of my money-saving tricks traveling solo are:

  • Airbnb: Really research Airbnb and other home-share sites. You will be pleased with the accommodation options and costs. Using Airbnb has made it possible for me to go solo, and stay for about the same or even more reasonable price than traveling with another person. You could also mention the whole experience of having a place to yourself. One experiences the setting, the culture, get more insights into where to go from the host… In other words, it is much more authentic.
  • Public Transport: Don’t take taxis they can really cost an arm and a leg, depending on the city. In my Exclusive City Guides I do go in detail about how to go about transportation. In major European cities, it is better to use buses, trams, underground or even trains.
  • Food: My advice is to keep your breakfast and lunch costs low and spoil yourself for dinner. Unless your breakfast is included with the cost of your hotel room, I would skip it. Often breakfast at a hotel can cost as much as a dinner entree at a nice restaurant. Save the money and go to a bakery and grab a pastry. If you are in an Airbnb equipped with a kitchen, take advantage! Grab the essentials to start off your morning with a quick bite. Most Airbnb already have coffee and tea for free. Lunchtime is a great time to check out the local street vendors. When it comes to dinner, I always prefer going for the appetizers and making a meal out of it. Saves money, and it always turns out to be a good amount of food.

Will I Get Lonely Traveling Alone?

Traveling alone..? How not to feel lonely when traveling solo? It was a big concern of mine when I booked my first solo trip. It’s natural to think about isolation or sadness. It is also likely that you will experience such moments. Don’t give in! As a strong woman, you will also learn from them!

If you are someone who isn’t very outgoing, or comfortable starting a conversation with strangers, don’t worry. Neither am I….but I have grown to love and now prefer to travel alone.

The best piece of advice I have for your first solo trip is to do some sort of organized day activity. A great example is a bike tour, I loved the one in Amsterdam. Seeing a new city on a bike is one of the best ways to experience it, and you don’t have to be athletic or fit to participate!

The group moves slow, stops constantly, and the tour guide gives you way more information than you could ever gather by just walking around. Most tours will have a social lunch break stop, perfect for connecting with other solo travelers or groups. I highly recommend this!

One of the most popular questions about solo female travel is about eating alone. Sitting in a restaurant solo was something I also wasn’t a big fan of.

My main concern was, “will everyone be looking at me?” Will they think there is something wrong with me because I am alone?

The answer is no, they won’t. The fact is most people are just thinking about themselves, and what is going on in their world. I assure you from experience that others might only admire or envy you because you are brave and they aren’t.

Will I Get Bored Traveling Solo?

Will I get bored traveling alone?? A very widespread question and also somewhat rhetoric. People will ask you this question when you tell them you are going solo. Traveling alone sounds scary to others, they get overwhelmed with the idea and can project that on to those who do it. Don’t let such an attitude stop you from traveling alone.

You will not have time for boredom given the preparation you will have to do and if you decide to pack your day with activities. The best part about solo traveling is not having to compromise on what and when you want to do something. Maybe you are someone who wants to spend 7 hours at a museum or 7 minutes. When you are alone, you are in charge, and it’s a great feeling. Maybe one night you want to go to bed early and get room service. When traveling alone, it’s ok to do whatever you want! If you are traveling with someone, it’s accepted to compromise which at times makes you feel obliged to confront your own desires. Compromising can be hard when you are on vacation, so when possible, don’t do it!

One of my favorite pastimes is to sketch out my next adventure.

What Essentials Do I Need?

Preparing for a trip is the key to its success! When out on an adventure alone the last thing you want to be saying is “I should have”… Be sure to be as planned out as possible and have all the solo travel gear.

I have created an essentials travel item list with some of my top picks! These basics are some of my single woman traveling favorites!

Now that The Best Solo Female Travel Questions have been answered, it’s time to plan! A Single Woman Traveling

FREE 7 Tip Safety Guide


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