Is It Time To Go For It?

Interview with Richer Healing

A Single Woman Traveling, Melissa Byron, interviews with Laura Richer of Richer Healing, and Andi Lucus of Hummingbird Marketing on the topic:

“Is It Time To Go For It?”

I talk with radio host’s Laura & Andi about my life changing solo travel! Listen along or read below the interview, also available on Transformative Talk Radio :

Life Changing Solo Travel

Hey! Welcome back to the Laura Richer show, broadcasted on transformation talk radio, I’m your host dating and life coach Laura Richer and owner of Richer healing hypnosis and I’m here with my co-host Andy Lucas, hello?

Hey! Andy, Andy’s the owner of hummingbird marketing services and I am so excited today to welcome a very special guest, a former client of mine Melissa Byron. Melissa decided to go on an adventure after she completed a program with me in 2016 and she has always loved travel, but like so many of us she felt restricted by limiting beliefs about what the possibilities were for her.

Well, she decided to bust through those beliefs and go for it in 2017 and she’s now living in Berlin Germany and has created a fantastic blog about travel for single women and I’m so thrilled to have her on the show to share her inspiring story

Laura: Hi, Melissa welcome.

Melissa: Thank you, Laura, so glad to be here.

Laura: So, glad to have you. So, tell us a little bit about your history. When did you fall in love with travel and when did you decide you wanted to live abroad?

Melissa: Well, I really didn’t travel until later in life, till I was almost thirty because like many people I was sort of always waiting for somebody to go with me, so right around my 30th birthday, I decided to give it a chance and I went to Italy for the first time, it was there that I decided that I’ve got to start doing more of this, so that’s when it all started and I guess that was 2010

Laura: Wow! And so, what was your next step, did you just start traveling all over at that point?

Melissa: At that point, you know once a year I would save up and I would try to get away whether that would be in the United States or if I could get over to Europe that would be the goal once a year and I slowly built up to that, always thinking in the back of my mind I love to live in Europe someday, I just thought well that’s never going to happen how could I do that I don’t have a job that could transfer me over there know anybody and I just thought that was never going to happen for me

Laura: And so, that was one of the limiting beliefs, you know you just thought it wasn’t going to happen, you didn’t know how you would get a job over there, were there any other beliefs that were holding you back?

Melissa: Well, certainly didn’t think I could do it alone, I certainly thought like I needed a partner to do this with… that would be the only ways for that to work out

Andi: And you worked with Laura, so you did one of her programs and what how did Laura help you kind of shift your belief system to say; hey! Maybe I can do this I don’t need to wait for somebody or I don’t it’s not impossible to live abroad?

Melissa: Well, I went to Laura because I was looking for somebody, like a life coach where I could talk about, wanting a partner. That’s why I went but really finding myself is what I found. And the confidence that I was lacking in my life. I knew pretty quickly into our sessions and I really started to feel sort of a change. It was bringing myself you know back to myself and really strengthen what I really wanted for me

And slowly you know these ideas seemed like they could be a reality and with the encouragement that I was getting in my program, I started to move forward with this

Laura: That’s fantastic. How so how long have you been living abroad?

Melissa: It’ll be two years

Laura: Wow!

Melissa: I know I really can’t believe this

Laura: Wow! And in that time, do you know how many places you’ve traveled?

Melissa: I have been to a lot, it’s maybe 25-different cities in two years

Laura: Oh wow! All over Europe?

Melissa: All over Europe yeah and I did do Sri Lanka in November, that was my furthest place into Asia

Laura: Wow, so when did you start your blog and its A single woman traveling?

Melissa: Yeah! www.asinglewomantraveling.com  I started it in February, I really should have started in a long time ago when I first start traveling it’s hard to remember all the trips that you took and all the details you want to include in this but I really started it, at the beginning of the year I just started feeling like I was having such success and personal happiness and what I was doing that I needed to share this for other people. For women really, or men anyone that really wants to kind of bring in something different into their lives

Laura: Mm-hmm, what do you feel like being a single woman traveling has given you?

Melissa: Confidence, that is definitely the main theme here, I really feel like I’ve changed the way I look at everything and the way that I would even approach friendships or relationships because I’m really strong in myself and who I am now and I fought a lot of that from being you know out there traveling on my own

Laura: Have you, I think there is kind of a stigma about women traveling alone, so how do you kind of combat that in your writing because I think you are encouraging other women to feel confident traveling alone too, so can you share any advice I guess and thoughts on that?

Melissa: I definitely go into a lot of detail on the blog about, like the barriers that you might have and how to break through them as far as the five reasons why you should do this.

I think my number one was feeling like other people were going to see me in a restaurant by myself who think I was a loser with no friends

Laura: Oh God!

Melissa: And I was so self-conscious about this you know it was silly but I know a lot of women of my age kind of share that fear of like oh well I’ll be by myself at dinner, what am I going to do? There are so many little activities you can do to keep yourself busy through your dinner and just remember like no one’s thinking about you sitting there by themselves, they have lives, they’re doing their own thing and you can really like just enjoy you know being in this new place and just really enjoy it

Andi: Yeah, that’s something that Laura you have that’s a common theme that you talk about is that, and what you’re saying Melissa is worrying what other people think, it has nothing to do with them it’s how you feel and who cares what other people think of what you’re doing there and like you said they’re probably not even noticing you, they probably don’t even know or they wish they were you, maybe they don’t even want to be with who is sitting their way.

Laura: Exactly! And that’s a funny little trick that our mind plays, it’s when we have a fear, we start to think that other people are noticing that about us, that they’re looking at us thinking we’re losers. Well, the truth of that is if that’s a thought coming up then you feel like a loser and so that’s the work is to resolve that within yourself because no one it means the truth is no one really cares that much what we’re doing and if they do then that’s more their issue

Laura: So, Melissa you mentioned the five reasons, so are you saying that there are five reasons to do this or did I miss something?

Melissa: Well, I have a post about like you know five reasons why you should try this

Laura: Oh nice

Melissa: You know they’ll be no compromising on your trip, you know it’ll increase your confidence it will increase your awareness just there’s a couple more on there that you know we can get into, just get out there and just doing it

Laura: Yeah! Have other women written into you or even men written into you and said you know thank you this is encouraged me to do something I never thought I could do

Melissa: I’m getting a lot of positive feedback on Instagram for my traveling, I’m getting a lot of people telling me that they are inspired by what I’ve said it has resonated with them and they do want to try it.

Laura: So, tell our listeners where they can find you on Instagram because I love your Instagram feed. Melissa is going to a new exciting place all the time and I’m so jealous when I’m in my office in Seattle that she’s in Bordeaux or wherever she is on that day

Melissa: You can find me at asinglewomantraveling on Instagram, it’s the same on Facebook and then the URL is  www.asinglewomantraveling.com

Laura: That is fantastic. Yeah! What an inspiring story Melissa

Melissa: Yeah-yeah

Laura: Yeah, so check out Melissa’s website or her Instagram because she’s got fantastic travel tips, one of them I was just looking at the other day was about how to fly first-class on a budget, there are lots of helpful tips there because when you’re flying to Europe from Seattle you do not want to sit fly and coach if you can avoid it.

So, all kinds of little things that I would have never thought of that can help you make travel easier for you and where is your next stop Melissa?

Melissa: I’m going to Bari, Italy in September

Laura: Oh fantastic! What is your dream, where is one place that you are just dying to go to that you haven’t been yet?

Melissa: I’m really looking forward to going into Asia, I’m planning on that for January, so I’m really excited about Thailand and Singapore

Andy: Very nice. Well, fantastic, so Melissa thank you so much for being here, we’re going to take a quick break.

Again, check out Melissa’s blog www.asinglewomantraveling.com and you can get to Instagram and Facebook from there. Laura before we take a quick break, tell everyone how they can get in touch with you to do the same program that Melissa did and get out and see the world

Laura: Yeah so you can go to www.richerhealing.com and schedule a complimentary consultation there or just give us a call at (206) 765-8265




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