Fly Business For Less Than Economy

Fly Business For Less Than Economy

How to fly business class for less than the economy class

Have you ever walked by the Business Class section, looked lovingly at the massive seat/bed and think, “I wish I was rich enough to fly business class.” We have all seen the outrageous prices airlines charge for business class. Wouldn’t it be nice to fly business for less than the economy?

The thought of flying at the high end has never crossed my mind. I thought I am signed up for economy travel for life. Then one day, I read an article that showed me how it’s all possible. It’s all about the points.

Maybe you are planning a big trip, maybe to Spain or to Italy, and want to fly Business Class…

I will share with you my personal formula on how to achieve the business class flight for nothing more than just paying the taxes.

Finding Your Airline to Fly Business for Less Money

  • Step One– Pick a major airline, and learn their alliances. I chose United Airlines. This airline offers a credit card United Explorer Card and the introductory point awards vary. It’s common for them to offer, 40,000 miles when signing up if you spend $3,000 in 3 months.

You will need to be disciplined and aggressive when using the card for ALL your expenses, for the first 3 months. I would even offer to pay for dinners and other activities with my card, and then get reimbursed by my friends or family.

It’s important that you pay off what you are spending often so you don’t rack up the debt. My idea was to pay no interest, hence I used the card as a debit card. I made a weekly online payment for all my purchases.

Getting a Second Rewards Card

  • Step Two-Once you have completed your 3 months, and have accumulated your 40,000 miles, you can put that card aside. Now it’s time to get the Chase Sapphire Rewards Card. Repeat the process again with their introductory offer.

This card is special, because you can transfer the award points into United Airlines Miles, and a few other airlines. This card also gives you $300 annual travel credit, free TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry application fee, 3 times the points on dining and travel purchases, and 5% foreign transaction fees.

Learning All The Card Programs

  • Step 3: The final step to really increase your United Airlines Miles is the United MileagePlus X Program. Get double, triple and up to 5 times the points for dollars you spend at very common retailers. Many very well-known brands such as Home Depot, Starbucks, and Overstock.com participate in such schemes.

Using this method can really help you earn the miles you need very quickly. Get that morning latte, with a side of triple airline miles! It’s a winner for sure, and I highly recommend such tweaks in order to receive more points!

If you are thinking, wow this sounds like a lot of work! It really isn’t, you just need to put an effort to stay on course and put your mind to getting these miles. It’s all worth it when you are flying 10 hours and fully reclined to your airline bed. Follow these steps, and you will be Flying Business for Less Than Economy in no time!!

Now that you are ready to Fly Business for Less Than Economy, it’s time to choose a Destination!

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Fly Business Class for Less Than Economy
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  1. Ryan
    September 7, 2019 / 12:52 am

    this is amazing and well worth it — good tip! I have just applied because of this article.

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