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What Are the Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers?

Solo female travel is on the rise! With this increase of badass women traveling alone, it asks the question: What are the best destinations for solo female travelers? After reading, you will no longer ask, why Denmark is a top destination for women!

Having traveled to over 50 European cities, I would like to share my findings so they could help you choose the most suitable solo destination. Copenhagen indisputably occupies the top position of my list.

I won’t just stop at Copenhagen, as this city is close to some amazing spots you might not think to check out. At the end of this guide, I will share three top day trips from Copenhagen! Perfect for a solo female traveling.

Why is Copenhagen a Winning Destination?

One of the main reasons for which I deem Copenhagen as a must-see destination for solo female travelers is its safety. Walking alone and asking strangers for help feels like the most natural activity.

As English is commonly spoken throughout Denmark, communication is smooth which adds up to feeling more in your comfort zone. I assume that every woman traveling alone would like to get this feeling of freedom and being welcome. If you agree, then you will agree Denmark is a top destination for solo traveling women!

A Single Woman Traveling Tip:

Some of the best advice I have for you to save money is to avoid taxis, they are very expensive, and not necessary. The public transit is fantastic and goes straight from the airport to the town’s center. All the day trips from Copenhagen will all be easily accessible by public transit!

Airbnb is a great option for affordable accommodations, I have also included a list of affordable hotels.

Best of What to Do in Copenhagen

The architecture in Copenhagen is beautiful as if you are walking through a fairy tale written by the Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen. Spending an afternoon just marveling at the quaint streets and highly detailed buildings is a great way to spend some time.

Visiting Top Destination Tivoli Gardens On Your Own

Copenhagen is home to Tivoli Gardens, the 2nd oldest functioning amusement park in the world. Walt Disney has said that he got his inspiration for Disney World from Tivoli. The amusement park was open for the first time ever this winter! Because it is not usually open year-round, check out the opening times. This is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and is a one of a kind top destination for women in Denmark!

A Single Gal’s Day at Torvehallerne

If you are looking for an upscale food market experience then you must head over to Torvehallerne.

Here you will find boutique food shops, craft beer, fine wines, and gourmet coffee. Torvehallerne has several tapas-style bars, with a variety of food choices, perfect for lunch or early evening snack.

Torvehallerne is located just minutes away from the Norreport Street train station.

If you are looking to experience a wide range of Copenhagen cuisine, you must visit Reffen. This place is packed with street food vendors, it replaces Paper Island after its recent closing. Reffen is not normally open during winter but is fully-functioning in spring, summer, and autumn.

Make Friends in Meatpacking District

If you are looking for the really fun and trendy area of Copenhagen, look no further, it is called Vesterbro. Home to the old meatpacking district now converted into shops and restaurants.

My favorite places that I hope you will not miss out on are War Pigs (vast selection of beers and BBQ style food), Mother (finger-licking pizza and wine), NOHO (home of upscale meals combined with fantastic cocktails).

Women traveling alone… but with a selfie stick!

The best city view of Copenhagen can be found here, at the Church of Our Savior. Be sure and save time to climb to the top of this corkscrew church! The Church of Our Savior, a red brick church with what looks like a corkscrew on top.

Church of Our Savior

More of the Top Attractions in Copenhagen:

The Little Mermaid, Round Tower, Strøget, Copenhagen Zoo, Kronborg Castle, Christiania, Frederiksborg Castle

Best Accommodations for Solo Female Traveler

Copenhagen is one of the best destinations for solo female travelers! This city has some of the swankiest hotels in the world! With Denmark being a top destination for women the choice for accommodations is abundant. For Copenhagen, you could spend hours of in-depth research. Luckily, if you have ended here, a fellow single woman traveling shares a list of top choices below:

Top Boutique Hotels in Copenhagen:

  • Bertrams Guldmedens Located in the heart of Vesterbro neighborhood, this boutique hotel is stylish, comfortable and peaceful. I was very impressed with the hotel staff, it was very accommodating and had lovely suggestions on where to go.
  • Hotel SP34 Located centrally in Copenhagen, not far from Tivoli. I have toured this hotel inside-out, and can highly recommend it for its quality and amenities provided.
  • Hotel Skt Petri This hotel is mid-size, centrally located minutes from Norreport St. metro station, and stylish. The bed was very comfortable, and the bathroom spacious and luxurious. The onsite restaurant was fantastic, as well as the room service.

Best Luxury Hotels in Copenhagen:

  • D’Angleterre Could turn out to be the hotel of your dreams! Luxurious down to every detail, including the indoor swimming pool. When you are ready to treat yourself to a five-star experience, choose Hotel D’Angleterre.
  • Nimb Hotel The Nimb hotel is special like no other as it is in Tivoli Gardens Park. High class all the way up to the rooftop pool! A modern and chic hotel is a stunner.
  • Nobis Hotel It is fair to say that its royal-like and pristine interiors could make you feel like being in a castle. Marble stones and crystal chandeliers make just a tiny portion of the overall majestic atmosphere. Service is world-class, along with the dining options.

Best Stylish & Affordable Hotels:

  • Urban House Copenhagen located 2 mins from the central station, this place is a winner. Hip and trendy, as well as clean. This Urban House runs a good show. Check out the bar downstairs, free WIFI, great beer, and friendly staff!
  • Wakeup Copenhagen Modern Minimalist hotel with all the amenities. Located very close to Central Station and Tivoli.
  • Hotel SCT Thomas Standard fair budget hotel, highly maintained, and free breakfast. Stay here for the Vesterbro neighborhood.

Where to Eat in Copenhagen:

If you are a girl who likes spoiling her palate, Copenhagen could surpass your expectations. In other words, the cuisine here offers various options to suit every solo female traveler’s taste. Save time and energy and check out my top picks! Below are some of Denmark’s top restaurant destinations for women:

Best Breakfast in Copenhagen:

  • Cafe Atelier September has the best avocado toast I’ve ever had. Pair that with a damn fine cup of coffee, nom nom!! You will find this located centrally close to the famous Nyhavn.
  • Mad & Kaffe is located in Vesterbro, close to the meatpacking district. Mad & Kaffe is a good place if you are a female freelancer traveling on your own. They have a concept of ordering dishes in threes or fives. The cinnamon bun is a must-order item.
  • The Union Kitchen– Presents a variant for everyone and every taste. Located very close to the famous Nyhavn.

Best Bistro Lunch in Copenhagen:

  • Aamanns is the home of the open-faced sandwich. You won’t find this place to be too trendy, but it is a great value for money. It shouldn’t be missed. You will find it located near the Museum of Natural History
  • Vækst is a lovely choice for lunch or dinner. It is a higher-end style restaurant with a pre-set menu and al la carte options. I highly recommend tasting the cauliflower here!

Best Bistro Dinner in Copenhagen:

  • Høst was a slice of heaven! The service was very attentive and friendly, and the food, p-e-r-f-e-c-t! They had a prefix of either 3 or 5 courses, with wine pairing choices. I was delighted with all the extra free dishes they served in between courses. Centrally located, and shouldn’t be missed!
  • Gemyse – I had a wonderful dinner at Gemyse, and would definitely go back! I do need to point out this restaurant is located within Tivoli, so you must also buy the entrance to the park. This should be factored in if you are planning on visiting the park so you can do it on the same day. I had a lovely few courses, lots of al-a-carte choices, and some tasty drinks.
  • Gro Spiseri Rooftop restaurant with a farm to table concept! Reservations are required and can be made online. The restaurant is located in the Østerbro neighborhood, a little north of the city center. Lots of options for women who are vegetarians.
  • Restaurant Radio had an impressive fish entree, it had me wanting to come back again and again! Creative dishes paired with crisp and clean wines. Because it’s centrally located and close to Metro Station Forum, you should put it on your list.
  • Bæst Swanky environment and the best pizza in Copenhagen! Make reservations, bookable online.
  • Tapperiet Brus I visited this place every day of my trip! It has a wide selection of beer, great music, and tasty food! The vibe is casual, hip, and comfortable. They open at noon and start serving food at 3 pm on weekdays, and brunch on weekends at 11 am! They serve an upscale bar food menu that I highly recommend!
Beer Selection at Brus

Best of Where to Drink for Solo Female Traveler:

Best Bars in Copenhagen:

  • Noho located in the meatpacking district offers inventive cocktails in a trendy environment. You can also come hungry, as this place does serve food.
  • Mikkeller & Friends is where all the good beer comes from in Copenhagen! Because they have multiple locations to choose from, you should be able to find one no matter where you are. I have had the pleasure of drinking in a bar located in Vesterbro. This venue is cozy and very cool, located in the basement level of a residential building. Great lighting, music and the best beer in the city.
  • Vinhanen is for female solo travelers that are also wine lovers and should be on your list! Because quality wine doesn’t have to come with the crazy price. Cozy and sleek venue, located just across the bridge in Nørrebro!

Transit Information:

Great transportation is another factor when deciding on the best destinations if traveling on your own. Because Copenhagen has an efficient and easy to use the transit system, it is one of the best destinations for solo female travelers. Here is what you need to know:

The transit information for Copenhagen can be found here.

If you get a 24hr day pass is approx. $12 and a 48-hour pass is approx. $22. It is worth getting a pass if you are going to be doing a lot of sightseeing in cold weather. It is a very walkable city, so if it is warm, you may use the train less.

I would recommend is getting the Copenhagen Card. Because if you plan on visiting a bunch of Copenhagen’s Museums, many entrance fees would be waived. Transit in the local Copenhagen area would also be included in the card. A 48-hour card costs 77 euros for adults. If you plan taking day trips from Copenhagen, this card may also be useful.

There is a handy Transit App called DSB, but to use this app you must have a phone number from the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden or the UK. If you don’t have a phone number from those countries, it will not work for you.

To Copenhagen center from the Airport

To get to downtown Copenhagen via train, obtain your ticket from the ticket machines that are on the right-hand side at the airport exit. You will have the option of using the Metro Train or the main train. The metro is more frequent, and you have more stop options.

Pay attention when leaving the airport. The Metro will be up to the escalator and straight, while the main train will be on your right-hand side and require you to go down the escalator. If you are going up, you are going Metro, if you are going down, then you are going to the main train, direct Central Station.

Day Trips From Copenhagen

Although very representative of Denmark, Copenhagen is far from being exhaustive when it comes to exploring. I have found some locations of interests that I would like to share with you. There are so many day trips from Copenhagen perfect for solo women, and one is Kronborg Castle. It is located in the town of Helsingør, is approx. 1 hour north of Copenhagen by train. The train between Copenhagen Central and Helsingør runs every 20 mins.

An exclusive tip, if you have trouble using the ticket machine at Helsingør station, tickets can be purchased on-site in the 7-Eleven. This tip will save you time roaming around aimlessly looking for help. I had trouble with this machine when the credit card I was using didn’t have a pin code. The machine would not let me use it.

Opening Times For Kronborg Castle

The castle and grounds are open to the public, Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. This castle is extra special for having been immortalized Elsinore, in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. If you dare, you can explore the spooky underground caves beneath the castle grounds. Look out for bats…though I didn’t see any…

Go Your Own Way to Frederiksborg Castle:

Number two on my list for day trips from Copenhagen is Frederiksborg Castle! You can reach this castle 1 hour north of Copenhagen by train, and 40 mins by car. The castle is located in a town called Hillrød and is open Monday through Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm. The grounds of the castle are decorated with beautiful baroque gardens. The renaissance castle, built in the 17th century by King Christian IV, has housed the Museum of National History since 1878.

Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Copenhagen to Sweden a Must-Do Day Trip!

A Single Girl Journey to Sweden

Traveling to Sweden is an incredibly easy day trip from Copenhagen. A nice day trip idea is to visit both Malmö and Helsingborg by train or ferry! The best route is to start from Copenhagen’s central station and take the train to Helsingør, Denmark. Here you could enjoy a pastry and walk up to Kronborg Castle and tour the grounds and castle.

After getting your fix of the castle, the ferry to Helsingborg awaits! It takes only 20 mins to cross the sea into Sweden. Just like Denmark, Sweden is also a top destination for women! Helsingborg is fairly small, and a peaceful place to enjoy lunch. You will want to climb the stairs to Kärnan tower because it has an amazing viewpoint!

Pictures of Helsingborg, Sweden

Helsingborg, Sweden City Center

Day Trip from Copenhagen – Pictures of Malmö, Sweden

Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

If you have already been to Denmark and are looking for other top destinations for women, check out: Guides to all of the cities I recommend can be found at: A Single Woman Traveling

Do you still have questions about traveling solo as a female? Here are the Best Questions About Solo Travel

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  2. November 2, 2019 / 9:13 pm

    Copenhagen looks so beautiful and like the perfect place to meet other travellers! Your guide is very detailed and informative, thank you so much for sharing! I would love to visit one day.

  3. November 2, 2019 / 9:22 pm

    Copenhagen is such a wonderful place to visit as a woman and it feels incredibly safe there. I stupidly left my Kate Spade bag (filled with my purse, travel money, camera, phone and engagement ring) in the toilets at the airport and flew into panic. I was so lucky as someone handed it in, this never would have happened I’m sure at my local UK airport.

  4. Emma
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    I really want to go back to Denmark. I visited Copenhagen but would really like to spend more time there and explore some more of Denmark too. Great job highlighting how perfect this is for a solo getaway, I can’t wait for mine

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    Somehow I have only travelled through Copenhagen when heading to Sweden, but have not yet had a chance to actually anything of Copenhagen itself. So really looking forward to a weekend in Copenhagen very soon (hopefully)

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    oh how lovely are your photos?! I love that you added information on what to do as a single female traveler! Loving all the recommendations. I’m headed to CPH again in a few months and will be using your guide! x

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      That’s great! Let me know if you have any other questions! I would be happy to help you!

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    I’ve wanted to visit Copenhagen for quite some time! I am so happy to learn how solo friendly it is!

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