A Single Woman Traveling

Hello & Welcome!

I’m Melissa!

I’m a girl all about travel! Travel for the soul, travel for the mind and travel by yourself!! My passion for traveling alone wasn’t something that was born from my first solo experience. It took a few tries of going alone before I started to appreciate and love it!

I’ve experienced a lot of personal growth and accomplishment from traveling solo. At first, I couldn’t enjoy the time I had with myself and was convinced I would have more fun with a partner. Turns out, just going alone is just what I needed.

At one time or another, we can all find ourselves in a place in our life where it seems everyone else has it figured out. Maybe they just got married, had a baby or landed their dream job. Then there is you, finding yourself with just you, with none of the milestone markers in your life checked. This is the time when you travel… and better to go alone.

When you read my posts you will understand why at sometimes in your life the best thing you can do is go solo. Let yourself grow and let yourself shine! I am excited to share my adventures with you!