5 Benefits of Traveling Alone!

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Traveling alone is a life-changing step. The views, stories, and people I came across on the way have completely restarted my life. The blessing of solo traveling prompted me to write this article with the hope to inspire you to start off a new life. I will highlight the 5 benefits of traveling alone.

At the very start, the idea of solo travel was not very inviting. Doubts and questions were spinning in my head over and over again. At times I felt anxious about using a selfie stick, a table for one and what others will think of me (this is important to mention, as it is a top concern – how do others see me). So you might wonder why would anyone want to have a vacation alone?

My deepest motivation for starting off this website is to help women not to make the same mistake I did until I turned 30. All my adult life I basically waited for a special occasion or a person so I could go to my dream vacation in Rome. When I made up my mind, a sudden spur of pride and relief flooded me. I will go to this Rome trip alone! But, I will be 100% honest – at the beginning, I didn’t like it mainly because I didn’t have any experience as a solo traveler. It wasn’t easy to find many websites with tips that are interesting to read either. Years after this first rocky start-off, I would like to share what I think are the 5 benefits of traveling alone.

#1. No Compromising

Have you traveled with your best friend or partner? Have you ever felt like you needed to always be up for what the other wanted to do?

You wouldn’t like to be a travel downer and be labeled “hard to travel with”. So you go along with their plan and end up compromising the whole trip.

When you travel alone, you are the master of the day, the sole decision-maker. Any feelings of guilt wanting to stay in and order room service can be left at the airport at the departure gate. For me, this is my favorite part of traveling alone and one of the 5 benefits of traveling alone.

#2. Meeting New People

Generally, I am not an overly social person who likes to be a part of a noisy, large group of friends. I have my own pace when starting a conversation. Coming from such a background, I hardly ever thought I would make any friends while traveling. “Will I feel lonely when solo traveling?” has often cropped up in my mind. Surprisingly, this was not the case.

When you travel with friends you are less likely to actually speak to other people. I find that if I’m on a bike tour or enjoying a cocktail at a bar, I end up making a new friend. It’s going to be more likely in the group settings, on a walking tour, you will be most social. Once there is a break, someone will usually start a conversation.

Throughout my adventures, I have built a number of interesting and enriching connections. Such experiences always make the journey more memorable.

#3. Inner Growth and Reflection

Traveling alone is a very brave act, and everyone you meet along your travels will validate that. It’s a fun fact that women travel solo more than men. About 85% of solo travelers are female, which leaves the tiny portion of 15% for male solo travelers.  I was surprised by this statistic. I assumed men would be the ones to travel alone in larger numbers than women.

When you are on your own, especially in a foreign land, time to think seems endless. Being abroad immersed in another culture gives you the time to really reflect on your own life and path. I learned to embrace my journey and stop comparing myself to others around me. I can attribute personal growth to traveling alone, as I have come to realize it is the best mental therapy (also free!). This is a major benefit of traveling alone.

#4. Confidence Builder

Not only will you be admired by your friends for doing it alone, but your self-confidence will also grow by miles. The do-it-yourself skills strengthen and your ability to explore a foreign country will do wonders for your self-esteem.

This can take time, and you may have moments of frustration while traveling. Maybe you take the train in the wrong direction or get off at the wrong stop. Don’t forget such situations may occur even in your own country when you are tired or pay less attention.

Throughout your travels you will handle various challenges like language barriers, talking to strangers, asking for directions. Overcoming such inconvenience will result in a sense of inner pride and increased self-worth. Most people don’t leave within 25 miles of their hometown, and that’s a fact…. you left the country, alone… Bravo!! Just by leaving your country you are already a winner and don’t underestimate your achievement.

#5. Increase Your Awareness

Feeling grateful is a part of working on yourself. When introduced to a new culture your knowledge will expand and it is likely that you will start questioning your problems, decisions or complaints. Traveling is one of the best teachers that is an awake type of meditation. We often don’t realize the luxury lifestyle we have until found abroad and getting exposed to lives out of our setting. This isn’t the case for every place you will visit, but in general, traveling can humble you in your own situation.

Benefits of Traveling Alone Summary

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